Guide to Amalgam Separator Filter Capacity [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Now that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Dental Amalgam Rule is law, dental offices are carefully scrutinizing the cost to operate their amalgam separators. Use this guide to help determine your recurring costs of operating the separator over the life of your practice.

After the purchase of an amalgam separator, dentists pay to recycle each filter cartridge. A “one-size-fits-all” system that is incorrectly sized for your practice’s volume can stick you with a high number of costly filter cartridge recycles per year.

To determine your office’s total amount of solid waste that goes down your suction lines and into the separator every year, use this helpful infographic which gives an overview of waste production and separator filter capacity.

Remember, amalgam separator filters not only capture amalgam waste but all particle waste produced during dental cleanings, including prophy paste and air abrasion waste.

Amalgam Separator Infographic


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