Dental Waste Management and Disposal

HealthFirst Waste Management

Cost-Effective Dental Waste Disposal Solutions

Practices need to manage multiple dental waste streams according to regulations.  HealthFirst offers one-stop, money-saving solutions for dental waste disposal that help you stay compliant.

Healthfirst Sharps Management Group Shot

Sharps Management

Dispose of used needles, syringes and biohazardous waste through HealthFirst’s mailback service.

The cost of the container, return shipment and environmentally-safe disposal is included in the purchase price.



Dental Amalgam Waste Solutions

HealthFirst offers your practice a cost-effective and complete amalgam waste recovery solution that meets EPA dental amalgam regulations and ADA’s recommended best practices for the responsible handling of amalgam waste. This complete system includes best-in-class amalgam separators, DOT approved mailback amalgam waste containers for the recovery of contact and non-contact amalgam waste and pH-balanced suction line cleaner.

Healthfirst Pharmaceutical Waste Recovery Containers

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Dispose of unused and partially used medications and pharmaceutical waste through our environmentally-safe mailback service.

HealthFirst provides you with a convenient and economical way to properly dispose of your unused and partially used non-controlled pharmaceutical waste via mailback services. Simply place your pharmaceutical waste into the pre-addressed and postage paid return kit and mail it back to our processing facility for proper waste destruction.

Healthfirst Lead Waste Foil

Lead Waste Recovery

Store and recycle your lead foil and lead apron waste through a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly HealthFirst mailback service.

Always Ready with OnTraq

HealthFirst’s practice readiness application uses smart automation to reduce the risks, headaches and costs of managing dental office waste. It seamlessly links to HealthFirst products, providing updated dashboards, reports, task management and online access to certificates of destruction.